Instagram Data Visualization

  • Client: Lesly Garcia and Araceli Gopar
  • Category: Instagram, visuals

In this project we were able to create a program which allowed us to use Instagram's API (Application Programming Interface). Along with Instagram's API, we also used multiple Python libraries, some which include csv, Basemap, matplotlib, numpy, pylab, and urllib. One of our functionalities included being able to like the most recently photo or video uploaded to Instagram. Along with liking a photo, we were also able to retrieve the most popular photos every time we ran our code. Furthermore, we were also able to create graphic visuals to represent the users that uploaded the most popular photos. We were able to gather the following data from Instagram's popular photos: username, followers, following, and total count of media uploaded to Instagram. This information was stored in a CSV file that was used to create graphs. We graphed each of the data gathered in a histogram. Besides graphing data, we also mapped a tag based on its longitude and latitude, information was also stored in a csv file.