Audio Visualizer in Python

  • Client: Chanel Aquino
  • Category: Audio,Data Visualization
  • GitHub

Utilizing Python’s Tkinter module, I implemented a Graphical User Interface that guides the user through a series of screens containing various options for analyzing and plotting different elements of a sound file. My Audio Visualizer application, which uses the matplotlib library to perform calculations and plotting strategies, allows the user to select a song to analyze. From here, the user is prompted to select the color and style of their graph. Lastly, the application provides four different options for analysis: 1) audio’s signal wave, 2) audio with Hanning window, 3) audio normalized with the Fast Fourier Transform, and 3) audio’s magnitude values. The motivation behind this project came from a passion and desire to both work with music and also to learn rudimentary Data Visualization strategies: examining snippets of raw data and then visually representing the information. Refer below for more demonstration photos and a reference link regarding this project. GitHub Repository (background information, code)