Visualizing U.S. Drought in Python

  • Client: Naelin Aquino
  • Category: Data Visualization, SVGs

With this project, my goal was to visualize drought levels in counties in the United States in a cool, easy-to-see way. The process of it all can be seen as very simple and straight forward, but getting into the mechanics and nitty-gritty of the different cogs that make up the whole project can be a (fun) challenge for beginners in Python (like myself). Through this project, I touched the surface on extracting data, specifically Comma Separated Values (CSV) files, the usefulness of modular programming, and working with Scalar Vector Graphics (SVG) files. The starting-up part was a challenge, but as I got the hang of things and filled myself up with the required background knowledge to do things, I did things. And it was a pretty, visually-pleasing result. To read more and see other projects click here.