Touch Capacitive Turn Signals and Wind-Powered Cellphone Charge

  • Client:Chanel Aquino
  • Category: Aurduino, visuals

Powered by an Arduino UNO, my partner and I implemented a simple code that uses the power of touch to accompany a bicyclist during his ride. With the help of a printed circuit board, LEDs, resistors, and a few hardware tools, we were able to activate the turn signals to blink left or right. In addition to this, we paired the turn signals with a wind-powered phone charger. With some simple circuitry-handling and careful soldering between wires, capacitors, and an upcycled CPU fan, we managed to build a working phone charger that activated when one travelled at a speed of 20 miles per hour or higher. All hardware were encased inside boxes made from 3D printers. Refer below for reference links regarding this project. Project Protocol (background information, motivations, and procedures) Online Presentation